The 2017 Executive Committee


Aloysius Bresnan, President

Aloy is the former Prime Minister of the UP Manila Debate Circle. He is an Asian octofinalist, a national semifinalist and a national top 10 speaker. Much like his debating career, Aloy enjoys ranking casually in IVs as an adjudicator. In his spare time, he enjoys growing his beard, being American and thinking about debate. Aloy is “extremely adaptable and shows a great variation in habitat types.” These qualities he shares with the American black bear (see:

Papat Lozano, Vice President

If you’ve ever heard a “Yaaaas” in the distance, watched a grand finals videos or just attended a debate tournament no matter where in the Philippines, then you have most likely encountered a Papat. He is a one of a kind being who comes into your life to spread laughter and sass. To say he is an overachiever is an understatement. He can jet set all over the world, adjcore tournaments every weekend, maintain a near perfect GPA and still slay at life in general. Yet if you peel away his layers, you’ll notice that the inside still looks exactly the same as the outside. That’s because Papat is unapologetically himself pretty much all of the time. Despite all that, you can’t have it all and Papat’s no exception. He is fearless, he is flawless and he is still looking for a love life. Hit him up, he’s lonely.

Jaya Bautista, Secretary

How an Industrial Engineering graduate like Jaya wandered her way into debate and governance is a mystery, but she’s here to stay nevertheless. This matcha-loving Hulk lady is a consistent regional grandfinalist and national octofinalist, with several Best Speaker awards on the side. Beyond debate, her advocacy manifests in her leadership in the Central Student Government. Coming across a committed and well-rounded strong woman who gives herself to service the way she does has been deeply inspirational. Don’t mind the slight RBF – she is friendly.

Gaston Medina, Treasurer

It’s not hard to find Gaston during debate tournaments. He’s that tall guy who goes around greeting people with, “Hey, man.” He does “hey-manning,” a term his debate teammates coined, so much that he once started a quarters speech with, “Hey, everyone. What’s up?” Outside debate, this National semifinalist and Asian octofinalist can be found doing only three things: eating chicken wings, teaching high schoolers how to debate, and writing in his bullet journal. Sometimes he does all three at the same time.

Bolo Pascual, Adjudication Officer

Bolo, a varsity debater from the University of Santo Tomas is an avid reader of topics such as health & wellness and food & agriculture. Due to his immense preparation and matter loading for tournaments, he has been convinced to eat mainly plant-based foods for the rest of his life.

He loves the debate community because all of his strong opinions never go unchecked, allowing him to discover his own biases and prejudices about the world that surrounds him.

As the Adj Officer, his main challenge is to find the earliest Nationals tabs, which he believes are somewhere out there – probably in the filing cabinets of a couple of ‘dinosaur debaters .

*For leads, feel free to contact +63 929 785 8835

Alljun Serenado, Equity Officer

If asked about what he would change in his past, several embarrassing answers would probably come to Alljun’s mind. However, none of them would ever beat that one time he screened for MIDV. Little did he know that using potatoes as examples would be such a blessing and a curse. On one hand, using it got him accepted as a trainee and thus, introduced him to the wonderful world of debate. On the other, he got stuck with Potato as a nickname throughout his debate career. If you are a fan of RPDR and good food, then you’d get along with this MIDV prime minister and MIV champion just fine.

Inna Fermin, Communications and Social Media Officer

Isa Elizaga, Publicity Officer