The 2017 Executive Committee


Kurt Recinto, President

Aside from being a VisMin champion and the outgoing President of the Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Union, Kurt is also the first PDU President from Mindanao. Although he looks more mature than his age, he remains a ‘batang star’ at heart. He laughs at almost any joke and is automatically friends with anyone who loves eating as much as he does.

Katrina Chan, Vice President

Most people can talk about their kilig moments all day. Kat Chan never understood how they felt, until Leni Robredo congratulated her for breaking in Worlds. To this day, her kilig has not subsided. Being VP of the PDU Execomm isn’t the same as being VP of the Philippines. For one, Kat is far less willing to make anyone kilig. But nobody can deny that Kat has the capability and integrity to serve her community, just like her idol does. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is not fake news.

Kitty Albert, Secretary

You may be asking yourself, if her name is Kitty, does she likes cats? Maybe. Kitty’s full name is a composition of first names. It’s Katherine Amanda Alora Albert. She’s had a rough history in politics which started when she lost the presidency to her opponent in prep (because she didn’t vote for herself). Since then, she’s fought to constantly be first: with a National Grand Finalist, and a double degree undergraduate running for Latin Honors. Note: She may look chill but she requires plenty of singing, #Ham4Ham videos, and slapstick comedy.

Romeo Latoza, Treasurer

Wearing a pair of glasses to accentuate the judgmental squints, carrying a fan used to slap some sense into you, and packed with never-ending jokes, Romeo is certainly the ultimate Tita of Manila. Romeo is PUP’s first representative in the PDU ExeComm. Despite his hectic schedule, he’s still running for Latin honors. He loves Linguistics, KPOP, Korean Drama, Spongebob, and It’s Showtime. If you meet this 2x national breaking judge and 5x Top 10 Best judge, offer him a supreme burger steak paired with coke w/ no ice and he’ll make kwento for the rest of the tournament.

Aloysius Bresnan, Adjudication Officer

Aloy is the current Prime Minister of the UP Manila Debate Circle. He is an Asian octofinalist, a national semifinalist and a national top 10 speaker. Much like his debating career, Aloy enjoys ranking casually in IVs as an adjudicator. In his spare time, he enjoys growing his beard, being American and thinking about debate. Aloy is “extremely adaptable and shows a great variation in habitat types.” These qualities he shares with the American black bear (see:

Dale Lota, Equity Officer

To find a love interest is probably Dale’s primary motivation in joining debate, and although it remains to be somehow true, it’s not the main reason why he chose to stay. He stayed because he found a family in the MSU-IIT Debate Varsity and in the Philippine debate circuit. Three years after he got shortlisted in the tryouts of their debate varsity, Dale is now a regional debate champion and an NDC quarterfinalist. And just when we thought a person can’t have everything, Dale got a boyfriend after winning the championship.

Kerinna Atillo, Communications and Social Media Officer

Known for her finesse and fierceness both in debate and make-up, Kerinna is a two-time Visayan regional champion and an NDC quarterfinalist. This passionate debater still finds ample time for her other advocacies like student activism, alcohol adventurism, and maintaining her title of being the ultimate Tita of Cebu. All this makes her unforgettable but her fame can really be attributed to just one moment: once upon a time, she jumped in the middle of a grand finals speech.

Albert Pagunsan, Publicity Officer

Spending thirteen years in shawarma-haven Dubai, Albert is a campus opinion leader and highly libidinal for philosoJphical books. If you can’t find him debating in UPLB’s Student Union building, you can find him in milk tea shops or anywhere where there’s kare-kare. Though he claims to be highly opinionated in social issues, especially LGBT issues, he enjoys stimulating discussions on questions about the fictionality of our human experiences.