“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” ― Joseph Joubert

The Philippine Debate Union is home to the debate clubs, societies and organizations in the Philippines. It aims to improve the international competitiveness of Philippine debate institutions, provide a platform for free and active discussion of topics relevant to the interest of the community, provide a platform for interaction between Philippine debate institutions and promote debating interest in the Philippines.


What We Do

Debate Articles

Read articles on debate and adjudication strategies and be ready to engage in intellectual discourse. After all, these are written by some of the country’s best debaters and judges from both the past and present.

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Debate Events

Find out the upcoming debate events within the country and visit the tournament or workshop nearest to you. You can view the PDU Calendar of Events and other announcements here.

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Debate and the World

View some articles written by Philippine debaters and adjudicators regarding important social issues in our time. From feminism to historical revisionism, we’ve got you covered not only with matter but with opinions that can possibly change the way you view the world.

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What’s New

Education in Debate by Mahar Mangahas

On a personal note, it’s my hope that education debates continue, as this an area I feel is often neglected in public discussions. It’s almost my hope that in getting discussed more often, that the subject of education and how it should be approached will result in it getting discussed with more rigorous analysis.

About The PDU

The Philippine Debate Union is primarily concerned with the greater growth and development of a culture of debate and critical thinking within our country. We fervently believe that debate can help improve our nation by further empowering the Filipino people to better understand the world around them, be more critical of the individuals who hold the power to forward their interests and help them find the voice to speak out.


The Union and the Constitution

Official collegiate debate organizations are considered members of the Union upon joining one of the two official national debate tournaments. The member institutions of PDU are divided into two charters – Charters A and B – depending on the consistency of their participation in both nationals. The Union is governed by its Constitution which may be revised twice every year, during the Union Council Meeting held in each of the national debate tournaments.

The PDU Constitution

National Tournaments

The Philippine Debate Union currently oversees the two official national tournaments of the Philippines. The first is the National Debate Championship that is usually hosted in the second half of the year by the institution that wins the bidding process. It is in the British Parliamentary Format. The second is the Philippine Intercollegiate Debate Championship. This is in the Asian Parliamentary Format and is usually hosted in the first half of the year by the University of the Philippines Debate Society.

Info About The Upcoming Nationals

The 2017 Executive Committee

Each year, the Philippine Debate Union elects a set of officers to oversee its endeavors. The Executive Committee’s primary duty is to facilitate the council meetings of the Union. However, in recent years, the ExeComm has started to take a more active role in between the national tournaments by spearheading activities that aim to improve the competitiveness of Philippine debating in various areas of the country and leading the Union into a more active participation in the discourse regarding national affairs.

Meet the ExeComm